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School events School events

School events

Show us that you have a class. Visit us as a part of a school trip or unusual P.E. class.

Entrance and ammunition

We have reasonable prices for official school trips with teachers escort: During normal class period, meaning on workday until 3:00 PM, the entrance and rent of basic equipment for 119 CZK per person! The discount can not be combined with any other - but lets face it, is it needed with this price?

Entrance price per person
279 CZK 119 CZK / whole event
Regular length of action 3 - 5 hours
Ammunition price
1 CZK / 1 pc
Average ammunition consumption 300 pc

All the basics for the game are in the entrance fee





Safety briefing

Safety briefing


Our report cards

When the teacher asks...

Be ready! These are answers to some questions that the teacher will probably ask if you propose paintball event. Take it as a cheat sheet, which will help you defend your proposal.

Will they let you in? Aren't you too young?

The game is appropriate for anyone who can carry a gun and is not affraid of getting hit. Even people who are not 18 year old can play, if somebody older than 18 will take supervision over them, for example teacher.

That would be really expensive. Do you know, how much these things cost?

With the discount for school events it is not that expensive. Every player pays only 119 Czk for entrance + basic paintball equipment. Additionaly, every teacher that would like to join the game will get entrance, equipment and 200 pc of ammunion for free.

Can you imagine how it must hurt if you get hit?

You do not have to be scared. Everyone has different sensitivity and pain threshold so it can not be generalized, but a common human with enough clothing survives the hit without any harm. Some people even play in shorts and t-shirt, but in these cases some hits can be truly painful and leave behind an ugly bruise. That is why we recommend to anyone who is afraid of bruises to take baggy clothing which will cover the whole body, and also ideally more layers. Getting hit in this situation can be recognized, but it should not be painful. If you do not have your own clothing, we are renting special paintball overalls and safety gadgets like vests and gloves.

Why won't you go after school? Why are you coming to me?

Additionally to the fine discount, which will be taken from you if the teacher refuses, and the teacher will loose the possibility to get free entrance and two hundred paintballs for free, it is interesting view on physical activity which can bond the class. Shouldn't school support this kind of activity?

And how will we get there? It is in a middle of nowhere...

Once you are in the Prague, most of our fields are easily accessible. All you need is public transportation. Lounge on Letná is close to Letenské náměstí, and we can transport you to other fields from public transport stops closest to the field. You can get closer information about specific fields in "Way to field"

Shooting? Are you out of your mind, you will injure yourselves!

Paintball can look like a dangerous sport at first, but it is quite the opposite! In reality it is safer than other sports which school supports - such as football and floorball. That is achieved mainly through strict safety rules, which are supervised by organizers to make sure that the rules are upheld - for example having a mask on the face while in the field, or having safety cover on barrel while in lobby.

What if it will rain?

If it would be up to us we would still allow the game. If the teachers will se it differently, inform them about our indoor heated lobby and that we will try our best to organize games, that will be mainly in buildings and under roofs.

What would your parents say?

This can not be easier: Just ask your parents on their opinion beforehand and then just tell it to the teacher.

Do you have more questions? Write us, call us or read through FAQ>>