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Refreshments and catering

There is always available some small refreshments on our fields (beer, lemonade, sweets, chips, etc.). If agreed on beforehand we can provide richer selection, such as grilled pig and buffets. We will take care of any treats. If you want to bring your own refreshments, we will rent you an equipment like a grill for a small fee.

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Photos and videos

Our organizers make photos of every group for free and are not against making more photos and videos. Their main task is to make sure that the game is safe and fun, so sometimes they have to let go of the camera. That is why we provide services of professional photographers and cameramen, which will make footage of the whole experience. 

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Options for transportation to each field is provided in section "Way to the field". General rule is that we provide transport of any number of people from anywhere in CR - like bus stops, hotels, airport or company residence. We guarantee fixed prices, which you will get to know beforehand.

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If you want to enjoy the day as much as possible and you are from far away, then just bring tents and sleep right in the fields or we will book a close by hotel, with transportation to and from the hotel for free!

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Multilingual organizers

Communication is a key, that is why paintball in foreign language is not new to us. It is always important to choose from the options and inform us as soon as possible, so we can provide the best organizers and translators. This needs time, so the best would be to inform us right with the reservation. 

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Maybe you want to create a special memory for a honored person, or just show that the opponents would not get you even if you are visible from hundreds of meters. Whatever reason you have, our wardrobe is opened. You only need to inform us in time, and the costume will be waiting for you. Rental fee for the costume is 90 CZK


If you did not find the Ancillary service you searched for, just let us know so we can improve your experience. If you are interested contact us and we will think of something. 

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