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Open game for beginners

Entrance fee on spot: 219 CZK
Price of ammunition: 1 CZK/pc
Other prices according to price-list (if not stated differently) Price-List >>
  • ID of the event:569
  • PIN of the event:public / without entrance PIN
  • Link: www.hrabarev.cz/eng//paintballove-akce/akce-569

We invite you to a regular Saturday open game at „Kasárny Hájek“, this time for beginners. If you are going to play paintball for the first time or you are not yet a seasoned player, this open game is right for you!


Action Basics:

Indicative capacity: 30 players

Age Restriction: Unlimited

Other restrictions: only for beginners / players without their own equipment


Sign up for action:

Both individual and multi-member groups can register for the event. Registration is valid when the person responsible for the registration fill in and send the registration form and the registration will be confirmed to his / her completed email (normally within 24 hours). If you send your registration in less than 24 hours before the event, please check your registration by phone. Players without a valid registration may not be allowed to start at the event, for example because the capacity of the playground or equipment may be full.



The event will be held in all weather conditions unless the organizer specifies otherwise. In the area of Hájek there is enough roofed and available for the participants heated areas. However, if the weather would have to be disturbed (for example, windstorms), they would be concerned Registered players are promptly informed of the e-mail or telephone contacts listed in the registration form.



Covered facilities will be available to all participants of the event. There will be a small refreshment (draft beer, limo, biscuits, sticks, etc.). But everyone can bring their own to the area refreshment if interested.



Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments. If you are interested in this promotion, please do not hesitate to register.

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