Services presented on this website (HraBarev.cz) are provided by Občanské sdružení Alternativa II, z.s. (in the future just "the Association"), if not stated otherwise and all prices presented on this website are final and with relevant taxes.

Everyone who orders any service from this website, which is under the Association, becomes order party, customer or a client of the Association.

We are making individual price-lists according to clients demands or specified budget.

We accept Euro for fixed exchange rate 23 CZK/1 EUR and we return in CZK, if not discussed beforehand.

Post-maturity Interest is charged to the customers in 0.05% rate for each initiated day.

If not agreed on beforehand, the Association reserves the right to charge the order party with an entrance fee for each player missing to the minimal recommended quantity for the specific field.

We provide membership discounts above all other commercial discounts to volunteers, supporters and members of Občanské sdružení Alternativa II, z.s. with proper member status. These discounts come from sum of their member contributions (according to § 235 NOZ) in favor of the Association.